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Develop History
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Founded in 1958, as a hand rope club for doing the handmade carpet production. located in No.110 Heping Road,
In 1960, we renamed "Weihai carpet factory" and export "sea gull" brand manual carpet.
In 1980, we renamed "Weihai No.1 carpet factory".
In 1984, we won the highest prize of national quality manual carpet "hundred flowers awards".
In 1988, we have imported the woven carpet production line.
Register and use the ¡°Haima¡± as a brand.
In 1989, we won the authentication of national level enterprise.
In 1990, we imported the machine tufted carpet production line, and then the second plant has put into production.
In 1991, Weihai Haima wool spinning co., LTD. was established, so that we could produce wool carpet yarn by ourselves.
In 1992, we were the first one which obtained the right of import and export manufacturing enterprise in china.
In 1997, we were the first company which owns the ISO9001 quality system certification in Chinese carpet industry.
In 2002, began to prepare the Haima industrial park.
In 2003, we imported the wire wilton production line and got authentication of the civil aviation administration of CAAC, then produced and saled air carpet.
In 2003, we have reconstructed enterprise as a joint-stock company, and renamed Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd.
In 2004, the joint venture Weihai Haima Taiga Carpet Co., Ltd. was established, and imported the carpet tile and digital printing carpet production line.
In 2004, we were the first Chinese carpet company which obtained the environmental management system - ISO14001 certification.
In 2005, we acquired the DNV certification of Det Norske Veritas, and started to produce and sale Marine carpet.
In 2006, a joint venture between China and the United States, Couristan (China) Carpet co., LTD. was established.
In 2006, we were the first batch of Chinese carpet industry to get "China famous brand enterprise".
In 2006, we won the quality management award of Shandong province.
In 2007 the Haima industrial park was completed and put into operation, the headquarters of company has been moved to there.
2008 Weihai Durri Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. was established, from that time we can produce nylon filament yarn by ourselves.
In 2008, we attained the authentication of GSP standard, grade 4A enterprise.
In 2009, we obtained the railway certification of French NFF, NFP. Then we started to produce and sale the train carpets.
In 2010, we obtained the Occupational Health and Safety Management system - ISO18001 certification.
In 2011, we obtained the authentication of ¡° China Famous Trademark¡± in carpet industry
2013 The 55th anniversary of the company


In the past 55 years, over 10,000 hotels have become the long-term customers of Haima.
In the past 55 years, Haima has created over 100,000 occupations. And according to a rough statistic data, since the year of 1988, near 150 million square meter of Haima carpet were used in hotels all over the world.
In the past 55 years, we concentrate on the carpet industry, and dedicate ourselves to the research and development of new carpet technology of world class.
In the past 55 years, we grow synchronously with China and world¡¯s construction and decoration industry, and witnessed the glorious progress of China.
In the past 55 years, we have been leading the trend of commercial carpets used in China¡¯s five-star hotels, synchronous with the world.
In the past 55 years, we enjoy life, enjoy the career with carpet, and love our beautiful city. We insist on environment protection, the development of innovative technology, the theory of design changing life, and lead the rational development of China¡¯s carpet industry.
Looking backward, we have experienced difficulties and growth. Like tiny streams go into the sea, we accumulate and then have the achievement today. Carpets lay on the floor as a broadcaster for culture and art. As the most healthy and fashionable flooring, carpets make travel enjoyable, and the guests feel at home.

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